Month: August 2017

Whether WhatsApp is going to launch YouTube videos directly in the app?

WhatsApp the famous gigantic messaging service is a popular messaging service more than one billion users all over the world. More and more features are adding each and every day to make it more useful and a unique one. The users can share all types of files including album which is a group of multiple photos. The most important feature is that one can send it to three most important group.

Document sharing Feature

The folks who are using WhatsApp can share the documents with each other. This feature is added to the version of the Android app and available to all the users. The user can share the documents on the other side of the flip; it appeared to be limited to PDF files. The folders cannot be browsed on the phone for files but a huge list of PDF files is displayed. With the help of the search option, one can search for the files only within the list.

The new exciting feature in WhatsApp

Recently, the gigantic messaging service WhatsApp is working on a new feature which is said to be a perfect one for the iOS users that could allow the folks to view the YouTube videos directly on the messaging app. A recent report says that this feature is only available for the new update of WhatsApp, and it is not available for the folks yet. The main benefit is that the users can watch the YouTube videos in the Picture-in-Picture mode without opening the YouTube app.

The folks can also expand a video without pausing it and also can push it to the right side to completely hide the video and read chats. One can also watch the videos in the full-screen mode. These videos cannot be opened in a different chat window and other features such as video calling, an end to encryption are also introduced. With the aid of picture in Picture concept, one can view the YouTube videos without opening the app. The real fact is that the working of the feature is a simple one.

Whether WhatsApp has been blocked in China?

Recently, China has initially blocked the gigantic messaging app WhatsApp, as the China’s government tightens their grip on the internet due to a leadership reshuffle in Beijing. The pictures, video including the voice messages were blocked a month before but the text messages were not affected. The citizens of China reported a statement about the opposition to sending any type of messages in WhatsApp.
This block is similar to that of Google’s Gmail ban in the year 2014 before processing a total blackout. The Chinese officials were preparing for a leadership shuffle with the various groups along with the Communist Party regarding for the matter of the control of key positions. On the other side of the flip, the company did not accept any the statement.

The most populous country China processe4s the world’s largest censorship program which is known to be the Great Firewall locked several websites including the popular platforms such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube etc. The folks in China can access the app in the name of the cyber sovereignty. The Most shocking news is that there has been a restriction in the streaming video apps, online video content, celebrity news, and VPNs.
In China, WhatsApp is more popular than that of the local messaging service which has been increased more than the nine hundred million users. On the other side of the coin, American app is also used by the Chinese subjected about the privacy or for the abroad business contact. The gigantic messaging service encrypts all the messages, WeChat conversations are being monitored each and every day.

By bringing a hindrance to the WhatsApp, the officials have blocked the encrypted messaging apps and they have also reduced the capacity for the folks of China to have the secret chats. The real fact is that there is a continuation to develop a technological circumvention tool. Before the ban, WhatsApp was the only service to be accessible from China. This popular social network has been blocked in China’s far west in the year 2009 and Instagram was banned in Hong Kong in the year 2014.

Beware: Scammers WhatsApp user’s bank details through message

With over 1.2 billion user of the WhatsApp in the worldwide, due to its simplicity and less data consumption, it became more popular instant messaging app globally. We recently got to know about the fraudster’s message and it goes viral, given its large user base. Again in the WhatsApp, the scammers use the new tricks to fetch the bank information of the users through the app.Thus, scam originated in the United Kingdom, it might not be long before the victims. We came across the warning from the UK’s fraud and cyber crime center’s fraud warning to the WhatsApp users by sharing the screenshot of the scam message.

The messages like the original message sent by the WhatsApp team as like their records indicate that WhatsApp trial service is exceeding the one year period. After the completion of the trial period, WhatsApp will no longer be able to send or receive the messages. To continue using WhatsApp without interruption, we need to subscribe for any of our subscription periods. The message further provides to open a link and leads to register the bank account details for the payment. Scammers will get all the bank details of the users.

Users receiving this message have been alerted to not click the link or share any information about the bank on the websites. It should be noted in the January 2016 by the company that the messaging app becomes completely free for download. Users need to do if they get the messages like this; simply we have to block the messages, discard, delete and never forward this message to friends or in a group.

How to defend from the phishing attacks

Be aware of links like if get a text or email that we find unwanted, then don’t click on it. Simply type the link in the browser and check it. Scammers know tactics to grab the attention of the users by sending the message or email as taking test to check your IQ. Have the strong security software to prevent our device from the scammers attack. Use the unique password, set up two-factor authentications and check the online accounts repeatedly.

WhatsApp changed its mind about BLOCKING old phones from the latest updates

WhatsApp is extended the support until December 2017, for the few operating systems of the mobile phones. It has 1.2 billion active users in the month of February. It also grabs the attention of the users by updating its feature in the periodical time. But, WhatsApp announces that it is going to block its service for the old aging phones like the old version of the Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Nokia devices WhatsApp is available on a multitude of platforms, including aging mobile platforms like the BlackBerry, Nokia S40, Nokia S60, and the older version of the Android. It officially announced the extension of its service on BlackBerry, OS, and Nokia S40 platforms. For the smartphones running Android 2.3.7, Gingerbread and older version will be supported by the app till February 2020. According to the recently released data from the Google that the there a limited number of a device powered by the Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

The company further post on its blog that the Nokia S40 will be supported WhatsApp until the end of the 2017 and added more information was BlackBerry OS platforms will support WhatsApp until December 31, 2018. Recently mentioned in a report about the Nokia S40 device was thought to be a typographical error in the end of its lifetime. However, the service for the Nokia S60 device will stop at the end of this month by WhatsApp. It will keep the support of the eligible device running Windows Phone 8.0 till the end of 2017.

There is an alert message for the users who own devices running on unsupported mobile platform that as a result of they will no longer actively develop for these platforms; some features may stop functioning at any time. It could mean that the WhatsApp even before the last date WhatsApp service may be halting its service in this platform.

The company had announced in the last year that it would stop providing support on older mobile operating systems and device like Window Phone 7, iOS 6, BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry 10, Android 2.1, and Android 2.2 by the end of 2016. WhatsApp knew that they have billions of the active users when compared to the other instant messaging application, so they think about the loss of their users by cause of this announcement. So, they extend their support for certain OS based smartphones. For, now there is unclear whether Android 2.1 and Android 2.2 will they continue the support.


Start sharing any format files on WhatsApp

Sharing is something, which is always happening on WhatsApp, it can be an audio, video or image. There is constant sharing happening on this all-time popular messaging app. Initially; these were the options, which the users often tend to use on a regular basis when compared to the other options. There were a few modifications made in sharing of the contacts, all at once rather than sending one by one. The users had the option to send the documents, which are in PDF format. In the recent times, we have been noticing that there are new updates in WhatsApp and there is another update with the format of document sharing.

At present, the app has been updated recently where we have the option to share files of any format. The size of the file, which is to be shared, is restricted to 100 MB on Android & 128 MB on iOS. This new feature allows the users to share mp3s, APKs, and archives with their contacts.

This is a better way for the users who might want to share documents of different formats at work as well. There was a time when people wanted to send files; they need to use their emails to send in the files. Now, there will be no need for the users to wait until they get access to their emails to send the files.

The users now can easily send and receive any format files in no time with the help of sharing option on WhatsApp. This particular feature does not only work on Android and iOS, it also works on the web-based client of WhatsApp. Apart from this special update from the app, there is another new update available as well.

Now, users will be able to share images and videos right from the camera option of the app. There is no need for the user to select the attachment icon in order to send an image or video to their contacts. So, folks go ahead and update your WhatsApp right away to enjoy the latest updates of the app.