With over 1.2 billion user of the WhatsApp in the worldwide, due to its simplicity and less data consumption, it became more popular instant messaging app globally. We recently got to know about the fraudster’s message and it goes viral, given its large user base. Again in the WhatsApp, the scammers use the new tricks to fetch the bank information of the users through the app.Thus, scam originated in the United Kingdom, it might not be long before the victims. We came across the warning from the UK’s fraud and cyber crime center’s fraud warning to the WhatsApp users by sharing the screenshot of the scam message.

The messages like the original message sent by the WhatsApp team as like their records indicate that WhatsApp trial service is exceeding the one year period. After the completion of the trial period, WhatsApp will no longer be able to send or receive the messages. To continue using WhatsApp without interruption, we need to subscribe for any of our subscription periods. The message further provides to open a link and leads to register the bank account details for the payment. Scammers will get all the bank details of the users.

Users receiving this message have been alerted to not click the link or share any information about the bank on the websites. It should be noted in the January 2016 by the company that the messaging app becomes completely free for download. Users need to do if they get the messages like this; simply we have to block the messages, discard, delete and never forward this message to friends or in a group.

How to defend from the phishing attacks

Be aware of links like if get a text or email that we find unwanted, then don’t click on it. Simply type the link in the browser and check it. Scammers know tactics to grab the attention of the users by sending the message or email as taking test to check your IQ. Have the strong security software to prevent our device from the scammers attack. Use the unique password, set up two-factor authentications and check the online accounts repeatedly.