Environmental Reporting

Environmental reporting is otherwise known as environmental accounting, which is a subset of general accounting and its target is to incorporate both the environmental and economic information. It can be conducted at the higher level that is the corporate level of any organization or the levels that of a national economy through the system called Integrated Environmental and Economic Accounting, along with the satellite system of the National Accounts of the Countries (and the other things are, the National Accounts that produce the estimation of Gross Domestic Products also known as GDP). All these above-said processes are done by the personnel who work in the role of Environmental Reporting. Environmental accounting or Environmental Reporting is a field that helps to identify the use of the resource, communicates and measures the cost and expense of the company’s or the impact of the national economic environment. The costs and expenses include the cleanup of the contaminated sites, taxes, penalties, environmental fines, preventing the purchase of the technologies that prevent pollution and also cut out the waste management costs. This is considered very vital in every corporate firm as this is directly related to the asset and property of any given organization.