Global Change

The term Global Change refers to the planetary changes that happen in the Earth system. The system consists of the atmosphere, land, oceans, life of every organism, deep Earth processes, polar region and the planet’s natural cycles. These integral parts of the earth influence each other parts. Now the Earth system includes the society of humans, so the term global change also refers to the large-scale changes that are made in the society. It is evident that the climate change is one of the major topics that is being magnified in the society often. More than this the term ‘Global Change’ incorporates many issues that are being a factor of the issue, they are; climate, economy, population, usage of resource, transport, communication, development of energy, land cover and usage, globalization, urbanization, ocean circulation, atmospheric circulation, the nitrogen cycle, the carbon cycle, water and other cycles, ice loss in the sea, rising of sea level, food chains and web, bio diversity, health, over fishing, pollution and many others are arrayed in this list. Due to these problems, the earth has had witnessed a significant change in its ecosystem diachronically as well as due to the disasters that are manmade.