Sharing is something, which is always happening on WhatsApp, it can be an audio, video or image. There is constant sharing happening on this all-time popular messaging app. Initially; these were the options, which the users often tend to use on a regular basis when compared to the other options. There were a few modifications made in sharing of the contacts, all at once rather than sending one by one. The users had the option to send the documents, which are in PDF format. In the recent times, we have been noticing that there are new updates in WhatsApp and there is another update with the format of document sharing.

At present, the app has been updated recently where we have the option to share files of any format. The size of the file, which is to be shared, is restricted to 100 MB on Android & 128 MB on iOS. This new feature allows the users to share mp3s, APKs, and archives with their contacts.

This is a better way for the users who might want to share documents of different formats at work as well. There was a time when people wanted to send files; they need to use their emails to send in the files. Now, there will be no need for the users to wait until they get access to their emails to send the files.

The users now can easily send and receive any format files in no time with the help of sharing option on WhatsApp. This particular feature does not only work on Android and iOS, it also works on the web-based client of WhatsApp. Apart from this special update from the app, there is another new update available as well.

Now, users will be able to share images and videos right from the camera option of the app. There is no need for the user to select the attachment icon in order to send an image or video to their contacts. So, folks go ahead and update your WhatsApp right away to enjoy the latest updates of the app.