WhatsApp the famous gigantic messaging service is a popular messaging service more than one billion users all over the world. More and more features are adding each and every day to make it more useful and a unique one. The users can share all types of files including album which is a group of multiple photos. The most important feature is that one can send it to three most important group.

Document sharing Feature

The folks who are using WhatsApp can share the documents with each other. This feature is added to the version of the Android app and available to all the users. The user can share the documents on the other side of the flip; it appeared to be limited to PDF files. The folders cannot be browsed on the phone for files but a huge list of PDF files is displayed. With the help of the search option, one can search for the files only within the list.

The new exciting feature in WhatsApp

Recently, the gigantic messaging service WhatsApp is working on a new feature which is said to be a perfect one for the iOS users that could allow the folks to view the YouTube videos directly on the messaging app. A recent report says that this feature is only available for the new update of WhatsApp, and it is not available for the folks yet. The main benefit is that the users can watch the YouTube videos in the Picture-in-Picture mode without opening the YouTube app.

The folks can also expand a video without pausing it and also can push it to the right side to completely hide the video and read chats. One can also watch the videos in the full-screen mode. These videos cannot be opened in a different chat window and other features such as video calling, an end to encryption are also introduced. With the aid of picture in Picture concept, one can view the YouTube videos without opening the app. The real fact is that the working of the feature is a simple one.